Where Have I Been?

Hello everyone! I want to apologize for the lack of posts for the past month. High school is hitting me hard in the face. (a.k.a I have “b”‘s when I ought to have “A”‘s. My parents aren’t happy about that.) So while I have been trying to achieve good grades, keep my room clean, stay involved in church, babysit, and go to cheer practice and games, blogging has unfortunately gotten in the way.

I am so sorry for not paying attention to blogging. I would love some ideas from you all though! I actually have a nice camera now!





Ulta Haul and First Impressions… video?

That’s right! A video. My sister was sweet enough to let me borrow her laptop today so I tested out iMovie in my free time. I love it! I may just have to start saving up. (:

P.S. No. My hair is not clean or styled in this video.

What’s On My iPhone?

Hello everyone! I just got a brand new iPhone (the lock button on my old one was broken. Yay for 2 year warranty!) so I got to redownload some apps and some new ones! I still haven’t gotten my music back on it yet, but all my apps are up and running. Woohoo!

Home Screen

First is my home screen. I never really swipe over to the other side because I don’t have that many apps.

The apps from left to right starting from the top are:

camera, clock, mail, weather, settings, notes, maps, calendar, photos, safari, pinterest, games, photography, calculator, Pandora, and snapchatthe bottom four are instagram, music, messages, and twitter

game folder

This is very lame isn’t it? I only have two games! I am more entertained by music. But I have tap-tap revenge and temple run 2.

photography folder

Alright, here is my favorite folder. My photo editing apps. I have Pic Jointer, Squaready, Bezel, Camera Awesome, Typic, and BokehCamFX.

pic jointer

This is Pic Jointer. There are a lot of different frames. You can change the size of the frames and if you want rounded edges or not.


This is a little app called Squaready. If you are on Instagram then you have probably seen people put their photos surrounded by white. I use the app for that. The best part is it’s free! (P.S. my friend Cassidy’s hair is GORGEOUS)


If you have ever wondered how to get shapes around a picture, the app Bezel is what you are looking for. You can put hearts around it, or other shapes too!


Now this app is definitely one of my favorites. You can put words on it, can put different effects on it, and even blur the picture. It’s a really fun app!


I would always see people put little glowing hearts on their pictures and I wanted to know how. I found this app that let’s you put the hearts where you want so you can customize your picture. You can even put little circles on it and change the color. If you want to get the pro version, you get more glowing shapes.


This is what you see when you swipe to the right of my main screen.  I never use these apps, so they just stay hidden back there. It’s just the basics.

What are your favorite iPhone apps? Let me know in the comments!

Am I Going To Die?

Now I know what you’re thinking. Duh, Olivia. Of course you’re going to die at some point.

But I’m talking about an emotional death. A brain death. A social death. You may have heard of this before. It’s called


High School.

Yep. High school. The next four miserable years of my life start in exactly one week and I am terrified. Not only am I going to be a freshman, but I’m going to be a freshman at a new private school! AND we have to wear khakis (loose-fitting, by the way) or dresses that come down to the knee. I don’t know about you, but that sounds like social torture.

I know one person in my grade and I probably don’t have any classes with them, so that sucks.

If you can give me any advice, it would really help! Thanks so much! I look forward to hearing your experiences. (:


60s Inspired Summer Wear | Teen Beach Movie

Hey guys! Remember me? I kinda had to take a break from blogging for a little bit but I am back in action.


On Friday I will admit that I watched Teen Beach Movie. I thought from the previews that it would be a lame little thing, but it might just be the next HSM. Time will tell.

If you want to know what the movie is about, then click http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Teen_Beach_Movie.

I instantly fell in love with the clothes and bathing suits in the movie. Maybe it’s just me, but I think the style of the 60s is so much cuter than styles now.

teen-beach-movie-ratingsThe guys do look cute, but look at Giggles bathing suit. (Yes, her name is Giggles) It’s high waisted and frilly. And you could go from beach to lunch in an instant. You could play volleyball in this without being concerned about your top falling off or bottoms falling off.


5d4e1811c7d3232373d6bc055d6367239a28aa9cThis is a scene of the surfers vs. the bikers. The outfits are so different but I love both! The edgy black leather, the bright colored clothing! It’s all so cute!


ROSS LYNCH, GRACE PHIPPS, GARRETT CLAYTON, MAIA MITCHELLNow this is a cute song from the movie, but the outfits are even cuter! The white pants and blue and white striped polo, the red polka dotted dress, the flowery sundress. SUPER CUTE


Out of all the outfits, this is the one I would wear most. Mack is wearing white high waisted shorts and a cute green top. It looks so comfy and casual!


What do you think? Do you like the clothing now or from the 60s?