The Freshman Diaries : Entry 1

Since this is primarily a teen blog, I thought that today I would start my Freshman Diary. I really wanted to document my year and what better way to do it then a blog that I love?!

Today was “open house”. I met my teachers and found my classes.

Let’s go over the school campus first, okay? I have three buildings that I have to walk between. My homeroom/Bible is in the first building, then Algebra 1, and then I have 5 minutes to get to the other building and my English class. Then 5 minutes to get to Science, 5 minutes to get to PE(and change), and then only a 20 minute lunch. Then 5 minutes to get to Econ Class, and then Chorus (in another building). Lastly, I have to leave the building for chorus, walk through the building I was in for my main classes, and then the building I started with. 5 minutes between each class. Whew, can you say a workout?!

My first impressions of my teachers:
HR/Bible – she seems sweet but we didn’t have a lot of time to talk.
Algebra 1 – I think I’ll really like his class. He counts homework as a completion grade too.
English – I didn’t get to meet my English teacher but everyone says she is really nice.
Physical Science – This lady is my grandmothers next door neighbor, and is really nice! She reminds me of Ms. Frizzle!
P.E. – I didn’t get to meet my P.E. teacher either.
Econ – This teacher is new, so we can both relate to each other. He was very nice. I always love Social Studies classes so hopefully I will enjoy his class.

Students :
I’m working really hard on not judging others by their appearance. A few people did remind me of other kids, but I didn’t sit in a classroom and meet anybody. I didn’t talk to any other students.

By the way, in my science class, there are two other girls but then it’s all boys. Boys + no drama = happy Olivia.

All in all, I’m hoping this year will be good. We will just have to see.

Love y’all. xoxo, Olivia


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