Makeup Inspired | Vintage Makeup

As we all know, makeup trends change daily. Just a few months ago the “it” thing was to put a pop of color on your eyes. One thing I noticed though is that there are three trends that tend to stay with us.  I wanted to share some pictures with you all, if you don’t  mind of course! 😉


The three things that are most recognizable in each of these photos is winged liner, red lips, and long lashes.


winged liner | Winged liner is possibly one of the easiest things to dress up or dress down. It all depends on your technique. You can use pencil liner, shadow, liquid liner, or gel!

red lips |Red lips. It works on all ages and all skin tones! If you have darker skin, go for a brighter, more vibrant red such as an orange-red. If you are fair, a blue-red lipstick is the way to go. And for all you lucky people with medium skin tones, you are pretty much set for whatever.

long lashes | Ah, long lashes. Possibly the only thing that can easily be obtained, yet can somehow come out looking horrifying. The secret is to go for a bigger wand. Bigger wand = lashes. And theres no need to pile it on (unless you want a clumpy mess!)


And now, for a video tutorial by one of my FAVORITE youtubers – xxmakeupiscoolxx – Katharine will show you how to achieve a perfect 50s makeup look!


olivia rose

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