Review | minimergency kit by Pinch Provisions

Hello everyone! Today I am reviewing a tiny item I’ve seen in a few stores recently. I picked one up while I was at the beach and wanted to *review it!


This is the MINIMERGENCY KIT by Pinch Provisions. It contains 17 beauty and personal care essentials.  It’s palm sized and only $15!


This little pouch includes :

  • hairspray (refillable)
  • clear nail polish (refillable)
  • nail polish remover wipe
  • nail file
  • lip balm
  • earring backs
  • clear elastics
  • safety pin
  • mending kit
  • Shemergency tape
  • stain remover wipe
  • deodorant towelette
  • Advil
  • tampon
  • breath freshener
  • dental floss
  • band-aid

This is the perfect kit to throw in your purse, bookbag or gym bag.

Go look at the Pinch Provisions site for more options.

Available at JCrew, Pinch provisions site, and other stores.

*Olivia Rose was not sponsored by Pinch Provisions

photos by Pinch Provisions


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